Should I Join the Military to Advance My Career?

Ramen IR

Chef’s Table is a new section on Ramen IR that provides readers insight into various professions related to international affairs and foreign policy. Authors share their experiences, offering an inside perspective of their respective fields. Ultimately, the mission of Chef’s Table is to better equip young professionals and students to break into the field of international affairs through lessons learned, career testimonies, and advice from experienced practitioners.  

Well past the gluttonous years of Iraq and Afghanistan, countless young graduates in the field of security studies struggle to break into an ever-shrinking, exclusive job market. Internships are routinely unpaid and don’t lead to full-time jobs, a constant merry-go-round of exploitative labor. Meanwhile, debt-laden graduates desperately compete for “entry-level” jobs, which demand they already possess “Top Secret” or “Secret” security clearances and have two to three years of experience – an unrealistic and unreasonable bar for entry into the job market…

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