US Army 34th Infantry Division. Ebrington Barracks, 1942 by GI NI

On Parade! This image shows 34th Infantry Division personnel formed up on the parade ground at Ebrington Barracks being reviewed by their Commanding General, Major General Russell P. Hartle. As no US Army units were based there during the war. The parade ground was probably just felt to be a suitable location for the occasion.

The Barracks are named after Lord Ebrington, the then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and were built between 1839 and 1841 on a prime site overlooking the River Foyle. During the Second World War the barracks became part of the ‘H.M.S Ferret’ naval base, the main escort base and Anti-Submarine Training School for the allied navies operating from Derry. After the war it became known as ‘H.M.S Sea Eagle’ and operated as the Joint Anti-Submarine School until 1970, when it was handed back to the British Army and re-named again as Ebrington Barracks. The base was closed by the Ministry of Defence in 2004. The ILEX Urban Regeneration Company have since been tasked with the regeneration of this site as well as the Fort George Army base on the Strand Road and Clooney Naval Base site in the Waterside. (From Discover Northern Ireland:…)

The site of the photo has now been renamed Ebrington Square, and in 2013 hosted a number of events during the city’s time as UK City of Culture.

WW2 Signal Corps Photograph Collection.

via Flickr


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