With Iran, America, It’s Time to Grow Up

The Contrary Perspective

Cartoon by Steve Benson, The Republic Cartoon by Steve Benson, The Republic

Daniel N. White

The criminal foolishness of advocating war against Iran is rather obvious.  Senator John McCain, US Naval Academy ‘58, is a criminal fool by anyone’s definition to advocate launching a war we would certainly lose, as he so recently did from the floor of the Senate.  This is obvious and the failure of anyone in the mainstream media or politics to put it that openly and plainly demonstrates these institution’s profound failures.

At least Professor Juan Cole offers a valuable—if limited–corrective.  Cole and his blog, Informed Comment, are both damned good and have been among the best sources of intelligent reportage and analysis of events in the Middle East.  But I’ve got a bone to pick with him on one of his latest posts, about the costs of a potential war with Iran.

Cole was prompted to write this piece…

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