Spec Ops spooks, martial law, black ops choppers and trepidation: Upcoming US Military Jade Helm 15 exercise raises questions and concerns-is martial law coming?


American citizens have, over the past several years, documented and speculated on an increasingly ominous domestic military presence. Everything from low flying black unmarked helicopters to clearly identifiable US troop personnel have been seen, and even filmed, openly operating in civilian areas. Although some sightings remain unacknowledged by federal and local authorities others, declared as “exercises” months before being launched, presumably hone the skills of America’s fighting force. One such upcoming event, dubbed the “Jade Helm 15” military exercise, will test the ability of US Special Forces to operate amongst a population without detection. As Jade Helms’ launch date grows ever closer, and questions linger over its true nature, an online media war erupts between the mainstream and “conspiracy theorists”-who assert Jade Helm is a omen for martial law.

July 15th-September 15th 2015 will serve as Jade Helm 15’s launch span, an exercise assessing the ability of American Special Forces…

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